Hand-crafted bakes made with fresh ingredients

"have your cake and eat it"

Earl Grey Pound cake

Aromatic and luscious, our Earl Grey Pound cake is made with Earl Grey leaves and french butter, making this the perfect cake for any time of the day.

Improvements have been made to enhance the depth of Earl Grey, reduce overall oiliness and to create a lighter crumb.

Mini Loaf for $5 / 3 slices for $10 / Whole cake for $18

banana walnut

Banana Walnut

Not the usual Banana walnut cake you'll find. With soft pillowy interiors and a slice of caramelised banana atop, this cake features a great banana flavor. Even better, its not too sweet!

Mini Loaf for $4.50

Wholemeal Bagels

With over 48hrs of hand work, our bagels are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the perfect breakfast option.

3 Bagels for $5 / 6 Bagels for $9

Classic Pound cake

An insanely rich Pound cake made with french butter and a whole lot of love. Luscious crumbs combined with pillowy interiors make this a perfect Saturday brunch.

Mini Loaf for $4 / $3 slices for $9.5 / Whole cake for $16

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

Experience the richness of Dark Chocolate and Chocolate buttermilk cake with our Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake (5.5" Round Cake). Perfect, just perfect ❤️

5.5" Round Cake for $25

Lemony Pound cake

As Lemony as it gets, our Lemony Pound cake is perfect for afternoon tea. Buttery, pillowy interiors make this the purfect indulgence regardless the occasion!

3 slices for $10 / Whole cake for $18

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How does Ordering and Delivery work?

I believe in giving you the best and the best only. All our bakes, especially our Bagels and Pound Cakes are made less than 12 hours before delivery. When your order is ready for delivery, you'll be notified via email or phone (if you provided one). You can then collect your order at one of our designated locations.

What are my delivery options?

There are 2 options for delivery at this time - Self collection (FREE) and Home Delivery ($8-15).

Self collection locations include only Bishan MRT. You will be notified on the timing before pickup. Pickup times are typically between 3.30pm to 4pm.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Hit me up on Telegram (@justincchong), Instagram or Facebook. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Please note,
In the event, you do not wish to proceed with your order, kindly send me a message not more than 1 day after your order date. Your payment will be fully reimbursed to you.

If you wish to cancel your order after 1 day, we seek your understanding that we can only reimburse part of the fee paid so as to cater for expended material cost.

Should an unexpected disruption of your order due to situations beyond control occur (eg. broken machinery, unexpected sickness, etc), you will be notified and your order will be fully reimbursed. I apologise for all inconveniences.


Bake_ed lives and breathes hand-crafted baked goods made with fresh ingredients. It started when the thought of making my cravings readily available and at affordable prices led me to ask myself; “Why buy when I can make (and learn) it myself?” The story continues…

Our Story
The beginnings of Bakeed begun in December 2019 when myself and a couple of good friends came together to bake a brownie from popular media, Tastemade. We found it wayyy too sweet. Several weeks later and over 15 recipe developments, the Ultimate Brownie became Bakeed’s first menu item.

As a work-in-progress bakery, Bakeed’s mission to ‘have your cake and eat it’ offers everyone the opportunity to respond to your cravings. Inspired by local delights, Bakeed’s products are carefully crafted with high quality ingredients, and tested to its crumb to ensure you (cake crav-ers) are satisfied. Bakeed also represents the curiosity in learning while doing, and believes that all experiences are learning opportunities.

TLDR: Some of my absolutely favourites include the Earl Grey Pound Cake and the Dark Chocolate Mousse. There’s something about aromatic, rich, delightful bakes that never fails to make me (and everyone around) craving for more.

After all, Bake
ed isn’t your regular bakery.

A Note from the Baker
Hola, I’m Justin, the brains and hands behind Bakeed. I am currently open and ready for any orders! Bakeed begun as an interest for baking and my love for the craft of it. I begun with all-time-famous Betty Crocker Devils Chocolate cake (see #brenchrecipes) and experimented with many more of its series. While I had became accustomed to the taste, I wanted more, even more than I had ever baked.

The day i took the leap of faith into baking brownies from scratch (with my friends), was that very moment I fell in love with the process. For one, its not all about the appearance of bakes, but the effort put in to make sure every crumb, bite or mouthful posits a ‘new-found’ love for freshly baked goods.

Looking back, I can’t help but notice how much my skills have improved over the last 1-2 years. To all avid adventurers, ‘never stop exploring’, you’re bound to find something you like and adore.

If you’d like, follow me on Instagram (@justincchong) and chat up with me! I promise I won’t bite ❤️

TLDR: If you are an experienced cake gizmo and looking for apprentices for your bakery, I would love to work for experience! Challenges never fails to excite me!


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